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Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories


We think brewing loose leaf tea should be made simple and easy, not fiddly and frustrating like some novelty tea-ball infusers, which are hard to fill and even harder to clean!

So we have chosen these handy little accessories especially for their ease of use and stylish practical design, to make brewing your next cup of tea as enjoyable as possible.

* Our laser-cut, collapsible infuser works great in a mug and/or teapot, and is very easy to clean, as the leaves can be pushed out into the bin after use. The collapsible design also means that it is easy to store in a cupboard or drawer.

* Our 100 TeaBrew filters do the same job as the mug infusers except they are disposable and non-bleached so they will not affect the flavour of your tea.

* The 'perfect cup' teaspoon is great for measuring out your favourite teas in handy 1 cup portions.

* The Empress teacup strainer is the prettiest one we could find, and rigorously tested not to rust over time. Made from stainless steel with a fine mesh to catch even the smallest bits of loose leaf tea.


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