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About Us





MONKEY CHAR are leaf tea specialists, dedicated to ethically sourcing and hand blending exceptional loose leaf teas from around the world in order to give you the best tasting leaves we can find. 

We personally blend & taste each batch of teas before they get packed to ensure the flavours are consistently high for every cup you drink so your favourite tea is always the same as the first one you fell in love with, and we love to create new bespoke blends which provide amazing gifts for friends and family.  All bespoke teas are beautifully packaged with the option of personalised labels for your loved ones and family.  We can provide elegant wedding presents, unique christening or birthday gifts, as well as custom tea blends for corporate clients. Please email [email protected] for more about our personalised blending & labelling service. 

We love to play & create…

For us it’s all about creating the best tasting tea without compromising on ethical, environmental or fair-trade issues, and we only use natural ingredients in our products. 

Did you know that?



At the moment, we are currently experimenting with different flavour combinations, to create new and unique blends you can’t find anywhere else, so come along and visit us to have your say - and offer suggestions for different or unusual ingredients you would like to see in our teas or on our shelves. All interesting flavour combinations are warmly welcome, including special requests and individual commission blends from our personalised gifting service (please contact us for more information about this and we’ll send you a quote for the specific gifting service you require).

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