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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossom (Limited edition)
As ethereal as the blossoms themselves

YESSSS! It's back in stock. Grab it whilst you can :)

It only happens once a year and how glorious it is when it does? We collect fresh cherry blossoms, whilst in bloom, and carefully dry them to add to our Japanese green tea with cherry, apple and hibiscus pieces. The exquisite combination of subtle, mellow sencha blended with the peppery fruit flavours of the cherry petals is one not to be missed. We wish it could last all year long, but alas, once this stock is gone, it’s gone. Until next year that is!

Ingredients: Japanese Sencha, apple & cherry pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, cherry blossom, rose petal


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